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Home#56 - GAL in Adult Conservator and Guardianship Cases - Part

Guardian ad litem in Adult Conservatorship and Guardianship Cases - Part 1

Attorneys Betsy Sue Scott from the Law Offices of Betsy Sue Scottand George Dodge from the George Dodge Law Firm begin a two part program with a discussion of the following topics: 

  • Role of Guardian ad Litem [GAL]

  • GAL Qualifications

  • Selecting the GAL

  • GAL Investigation - Overview

  • GAL Investigation – Document Review

  • GAL Investigation – People Interviews

  • Respondent Visit

  • Statutory rights of Respondent

    Recorded February 2018.  Broadcast May 2018


What is the role of the GAL?

How is a GAL different from a Guardian?

Can anyone be a GAL?

How does someone become eligible to be appointed a GAL?

How is a GAL selected in a guardianship or conservatorship case?

How is a GAL selected in Fairfax? Loudoun? Prince William?

How is a GAL selected in Arlington? Alexandria?

What exactly is the authority of the GAL once appointed by the court?

What is the purpose of the GAL investigation?

What will the GAL learn from a review of the pleadings?

Can the GAL see financial records?

Can the GAL see medical records?

Can the GAL review educational records?

Who should the GAL interview?

Should the GAL talk to the attorney for the petitioner? Why?

Who else should the GAL talk to?

What is the GAL seeking to learn from these conversations?

What is the purpose of the GAL visiting the Respondent?

Should the GAL meet with Respondent alone? Why?

What documents are served on Respondent by the GAL?

What is the purpose of each document?

Is there any formality that is followed in serving the Respondent?

Does the Respondent have any statutory rights?

What are those rights?