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1.  Overview
The Alexandria Probate Office oversees all probates for the City of Alexandria.
Appointments to qualify as an executor or administrator of an estate must be scheduled in advance. This is done by calling the probate office and speaking with a probate clerk. They will do whatever intake they deem necessary in that phone call to determine if you have called the correct Probate Office, whether you need to qualify or not, and more.   Be sure the decedent lived in the City of Alexandria, as opposed to the County of Fairfax [this will be clear from the Death Certificate].
All the qualification paperwork is completed during the probate appointment.
If you must be bonded with surety, you will need to make arrangements to procure that bond in advance of your probate appointment.  
More helpful information can be found at Alexandria Probate Information.

2.  Location and Contact Info
Address:   Alexandria City Courthouse, 520 King Street, Suite 307, Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone:   (703) 746-4044 (option 2,4)

3. Answers to Common Questions Received


a. Does the Probate Office have an email address the public can use?


No.  The concern is that customers will be inclined to submit or “file” forms via email, which they can not accept. In addition, given the limited probate staff, it would take time away from serving customers who call or have appointments.


b. What can folks expect to happen at their probate appointment? 


If all required information is provided, the estate proceeding will be established in their records and, if applicable, the certificates of qualification will be issued. Copies of all prepared/filed forms can be provided to the personal representative who has qualified upon request.


c. Do I need an original death certificate, or will a copy due?


An original Death Certificate is required. If it is a Testate Estate [there is a Last Will and Testament], then the original Will must be provided.


d. What is the most common reason(s) folks cannot be appointed or cannot finish their qualification at their appointment?


It varies, from not having sufficient information/documentation, not qualifying for a secured [surety] bond when required, or concern on behalf of the customer seeking to be qualified regarding all the fiduciary duties they will be assuming.


e. Do you have a list of bondsman you refer folks to when a surety bond is required?


They refer customers to Grimes Insurance Agency and Julian T. Burke & Co.


f. Are there any checklists or forms that could or should be completed before calling the Probate Office, or before showing up for

scheduled appointment to qualify?


They prepare all forms based on the information that is provided by the customer. When asked, they advise that the customer may prepare forms if they wish to do so. However, sometimes those prepared forms cannot be used because the forms are not completed properly.