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1.  Overview
The Loudoun Commissioner of Accounts Office (COA) oversees all probates in Loudoun County


2. Location and Contact Info
Address:     4 Cornwall Street, N.E., Leesburg, Virginia 20176  
Telephone:   703-777-5300
Fax: 703-777-6990
3. Checklists and Questionnaires
Loudoun County Estate Administration Guide is a detailed booklet prepared by the Loudoun  County Commissioners of Account and Probate Office that will prove very useful to all Executors and Administrators in Loudoun County.
Loudoun COA Website Info provides further information about the role of COA and includes some forms, as well as a list of scheduled monthly public outreach programs offered by the Loudoun COA to assist Loudoun County executors and administrators. 

4. Video Introduction to the Fairfax County  Commissioner of Accounts Office

In a September 2016 interview,  Loudoun County Commissioner of Accounts Melinda Dickerson Hetzel discussed the role of her office in the administration of Loudound County estates from the filing of the Inventory, accounting for all assets received and disbursed, beneficiary distributions, common pitfalls to avoid, advice for beneficiaries, and much more.    A video replay of this interview can be viewed at Resources-Television show.  Click Here