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1. Overview
The Loudoun Probate Office handles the appointment and qualification of executors and administrators to administer an decedent's estate, as well as testamentary trustees to administer trusts that arise in the course of administering such estates.  Bill Loy is the Probate Manager of this office, and he works with a staff of knowledgeable and well trained probate clerks who administer the ebb and flow of this volume with great efficiency.  
Appointments to qualify as an executor or administrator of an estate, or trustee of a testamentary trust, must be scheduled in advance.  This is done by calling the probate office and speaking with one of the probate clerks. They will do whatever intake they deem necessary in that phone call to determine if you have called the correct Probate Office, whether you need to qualify or not, and more.
Helpful information about qualification in the Loudoun Probate Office, including what to bring to the appointment, explanation of the probate process for both testate probate ( with a Will) and intestate probate (with no Will), the meaning of key legal terms, and so much more can be found at Loudoun County Probate Information.
2.  Location and Contact Info
Address:   Loudoun County Courthouse, 18 East Market Street, 3rd Floor, Leesburg, Virginia 20176  
Telephone:   703-777-0272
Fax: 703-737-8096
3. Checklists and Questionnaires
Loudoun - Probate Information Form  collects useful and necessary information  for your probate appointment.
List of Heirs collects information you will need to provide at your probate appointment. You are encouraged to complete it as best you can, but do not sign in advance.
What to Bring to your Probate Appointment  is a helpful list of what you need to bring to your probate appointment.
Loudoun Estate Administration Instructions is a detailed booklet prepared by the Loudoun  County Commissioners of Account and Probate Office that will prove very useful to all Executors and Administrators in Loudoun County.