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Home#32 - Dealing with Digital Assets


Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John Simek from Sensei Enterprises, Inc., a digital forensics, information security and information technology firm in Fairfax provide a thought provoking discussion, in lay person language, on an often overlooked asset in an estate, the digital assets.  Topics covered include 

  • what is a digital asset, which can include everything from online bank and brokerage statements, to bill pay accounts, to Facebook, email accounts, pictures, and more
  • ownership, access and transfer of digital assets, which is handled very differently by each of the providers, 
  • lawmakers are only beginning to get their hands around these assets and how to deal with them when someone dies,
  • planning that can be done in advance to make it easier for your digital assets to be transferred to your loved ones, and
  • tools available to assess the adequacy of your digital assets planning efforts.


Recorded October 2016.  Broadcast May 2017