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Home#29 - Adult Conservatorship in Loudoun County


Loudoun County attorneys Christine Mougin-Boal from Laurel Brigade Law Group and Rachel K. Downs from Sevila Saunders Huddleston & White, PC discuss this important topic. This program reviews the following:

  • the important legal decision making documents that all adults should have,
  • the legal proceedings necessary to obtain authority to make financial and care decisions for an adult when those legal documents are not available,
  • the process in Loudoun County to be appointed by the court as the conservator and guardian of an adult,
  • the probate office qualification process after a court order is entered,
  • Loudoun Commissioner of Accounts oversight of conservators,
  • Loudoun County Social Services oversight of guardians,
  • fees and costs to be appointed, and 
  • common problems and pitfalls that you may encounter

Recorded August 2016.  Broadcast February 2017