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Home#24 - Dealing with Investment Account


Greg Bernhard, Founder and President of PlumTree Financial located at Tysons Corner, discusses some of the steps to take and challenges to expect in dealing with investment accounts in the course of probating an estate.  Greg discusses

  • the importance of planning in advance the titling of your investment accounts and how that titling can impact the probate of the account,
  • how to close a personal investment account
  • how to set up the estate investment account,
  • the importance of valuing the assets in the investment account as of the date of death (DOD)
  • the importance of being sure that the DOD valuation of each assets gets reflected as the new cost basis of the investement on the estate investment account,
  • the use of the small estate affidavit, and
  • some tips to consider to make all of this go a bit more smoothly.
Recorded June 2016. 
Broadcast in October 2016