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Home#14 - Administration of Small Estates


Attorneys Southy Walton with Ferguson Walton & Shansab, PLLC in Reston and
 Jonathan Bronley with Bronley Law, PLLC in Fairfax City  discuss the administration and probate of a small estate, including:
  • the benefit of avoiding qualification to administer an estate,
  • what are nonprobate assets and transfers, including JTWROS accounts, joint accounts, TOD and POD accounts, life insurance, TOD deeds for real estate, retirement accounts and annuities,
  • what is a small estate
  • two small estate probate procedures available in Virginia, and
  • planning that can be done to minimize probate including the use of revocable trusts, titling of assets and beneficiary designations.

Recorded March 2016.  Broadcast 6-28-2016