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Home# 9 - Dealing with Real Estate


Interview of attorneys James L. Boring from Boring and Pilger  in Vienna [now with Hale Ball in  Fairfax],  Richard H. Boatwright from the  Manassas Law Group, PC in Manassas and Howard Birmiel in Burke.  Jim and Dick discuss the legal challenges and pitfalls in dealing with real estate owned by a decedent, including
  • who really owns the real estate after decedent has died,
  • who can list the real estate for sale or lease,
  • who can sign the lease or deed,
  • how to deal with lenders who have their notes secured by the real estate that has passed to beneficiaries of the decedent, and
  • what authority if any the executor or administrator has over the real estate.

Howard discusses the title issues and related closing problems that arise in dealing with real estate, especially

  • who must sign the deed
  • when can the sale proceeds be released and
  • to whom should the sale proceeds be paid.

A very challenging topic that poses practical problems for all involved in the administration of the estate.   

Recorded 10-2015.  Broadcast 6-14-2016