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Home# 8 - Bonding the Executor


Interview of bonding agents Keith D. Seekford from Moore, Clemens & Company, Inc. in Leesburg, Sue Wilkinson from Grimes Insurance in Fairfax, and Clarence “Governor” Burke   from Julian T. Burke, Inc. in Alexandria as to
  • what is a corporate surety bond,
  • the application and approval process for a bond
  • common reasons a bond application is rejected by the bonding company, 
  • the probate office procedures to secure the bond in the course of getting qualified, and
  • practice pointers to prevent any claims being made against the corporate surety bond.

Interview of attorney Christopher M. Anzidei, Esq. from the Law Offices of Christopher Anzidei, PLLC in Vienna.  Chris represents the insurance companies who issue the surety bonds for executors and administrators, and pay claims made against those surety bonds.  Discusses what miscues cause him to become involved in investigating potential claims.  Chris shares tips that can prevent a claim being filed, and cautions that all personal representatives must understand that they remain personally liable for any payment that the insurance company must make on their surety bond.

Recorded 10-2015.  Broadcast 1-28-2016