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Home#53 - Stafford County Adult Conservatorship


Stafford County attorneys Matthew Yao with Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao, PLLC and Richelle Moore with Kurylo, Gold and Josey, PLC discuss
    • the important legal decision making documents that all adults should have,
    • provide an excellent overview of the legal proceedings necessary in Stafford County to obtain authority to make financial and care decisions for an adult when those legal documents are not available
    • the probate office qualification process after a court order is entered,  
    • Stafford County Commissioner of Accounts oversight of conservators,
    • Stafford County Social Services oversight of guardians,
    • fees and costs to be appointed,
    • ongoing reporting requirements to the Stafford  County Commissioner of Accounts and Social Services, and
    • common problems and pitfalls.

    Recorded December 2017.  Broadcast February 2018