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Home#34 - First 90 Days To Do List


The interview of Fairfax City attorneys Lorretta Morris Williams with Hale Ball Carlson Baumgartner Murphy, PLC and  Valerie Geiger with Cucinelli Geiger provides extensive details on what needs to be considered and done during the initial 90 days after you have been appointed the Conservator and/or the Guardian of an incapacitated adult in Virginia.  Their discussion covers:

  • An overview of your responsibilities as guardian and when do they begin
  • An overview of your responsibilities as conservator and when do they begin
  • Annual filings by guardians to the Department of Socials Services
  • Annual filings by conservator to the Commissioner of Accounts
  • For guardians, establishing a plan of care that address housing, medical, mental health, social, caregivers, need for geriatric care manager, family and more
  • For conservators, setting up bank and broker accounts, reviewing pensions and retirement accounts, forwarding mail, establishing a budget, checking for  Virginia and other state unclaimed property, tax authority inquiries, ongoing tax filings and more
  • What should be done in the first week, the first month and the first 90 days
  • Fees for the servicies of a guardian and conservator
  • Common problems and pitfalls they have seen guardians and conservators encounter



Recorded October 2016.  Broadcast March 2017