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Home# 6 - Initial Tax Considerations


Interview of Frank Stitely, CPA, from Stitely & Karstetter, PLLC, Chantilly, about initial tax considerations and actions to be taken in administering an estate, including a discussion and review of the following:

  • selection of tax year for estate
  • application for Federal Employer Identification Number/IRS Form SS-4
  • filing of Notice of Fiduciary Relationship/IRS Form 56
  • application to verify tax filings and tax payments due/IRS Form 4806-T
  • fiduciary income tax return to be filed for an estate/IRS Form 1041
  • request to state and local tax authorities to determine tax obligations of decedent
  • request for prompt review and assessment of tax returns filed/IRS Form 4810.
[Recorded 9-2015.Broadcast 12-24-2015]